Michelle Rodriguez

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Michelle Rodriguez

words by Jason Dean, photos by Robert Todd Williamson

art direction by Laura Ann, hair by Dale Johnson, makeup by Lusine using MAC

Michelle Rodriguez

“I used to be the 13-year-old girl wearing a dress knocking on people’s doors thinking I could save their lives,” says Michelle Rodriguez, whose new film, Battle In Seattle, comes out this month.

Today she’s more likely to be knocking down doors to save people’s lives. Or just to kick some ass. In the action/docudrama Battle In Seattle, Rodriguez is part of a corps of activists who converge on Seattle during the World Trade Organization’s meetings in 1999. Thousands hit the streets in the name of anti-globalization to protest corporate-dominated free trade practices.

We caught up with the former “Jehovah’s Witness-in-training” on a recent weekend to talk about her new film, her old religion, and her aversion to politics.

h: How much did you know about the Seattle incident when it actually happened?

MR: Absolutely nothing. I knew corporations were taking advantage of poor countries, but I had no clue to what extent. In today’s day and age, we have all the tools to know what cause and effect is – to assess what you’re doing. There’s no excuse for any corporation to not take responsibility for what they create.

h: Do you consider yourself politically conscious?

MR: I hate politics, man. A big F-U-C-K to politics. I believe in the power to communicate, to become a better person in how you affect others, you know, being a more responsible individual. But when it comes to yapping puppets on a stage, I couldn’t care less.

h: I read somewhere that your parents were Jehovah’s Witnesses.

MR: Yeah, that’s a trip, huh? Growing up, I had lots of friends who were from religions that had strict guidelines. It was intriguing to me, all the rules and regulations. I call it a fetus. You don’t know how to evolve when you’re living in such protective circumstances. I had to rebel.

Michelle Rodriguez

h: Do you do any of your own stunts in your films?

MR: No, I wish. It’s cuz of insurance. They won’t let you play. I love action. We’re too young not to use our bodies.

h: You do like to skydive, though.

MR: Yes. I did it to overcome my fear [of heights]. I try to face my fears. The studio doesn’t care what you do as long as it’s not during production or just before. So, no skydiving during production—which I’ve done a couple times (shhhh!).

Michelle Rodriguez

h: You recently launched your own company, Cheshire Kat Productions. What projects have you been working on?

MR: In November we started work on a project set in the 1940s, In the Time of Butterflies. It’s about the revolution in the Dominican Republic. The main character was previously portrayed by Salma Hayek [in 2001 for a TV production]. It’s all in Spanish; we filmed in the Dominican—we literally went in guerrilla style, man! We’re also doing a kid’s movie, sort of a cross between Jumanji and Goonies. I started writing it when I was 15. It’s got kids and animals, something for the emo-MTV, ADD youth, in a non-American Pie way.

h: Do you like being around kids?

MR: I love rugrats. I honestly don’t see how I could get through without them. They represent purity, innocence, and hope. I’d just constantly be listening to Morrissey, Portishead, and the Sneaker Pimps if not for kids.

h: Thanks for taking the time, Michelle. It’s
been a pleasure.

MR: Awesome, man. Cheers!

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