Creep - An interview with Lauren Flax

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by Gordon Sharp

Creep is the new project from DJ/Producers Lauren Flax (Fischerspooner) and Lauren Dillard.  Their first album offers up an electronic flavor and features a rotating cast of guest vocalists, including Romy Madley-Croft from the XX.  We sat down with Lauren Flax recently to talk about the new project, videos and vocalists.

creep1 300x240 Creep   An interview with Lauren Flax

Lauren Flax and Lauren Dillard photo by IO Tillett Wright

h. How did the formation of Creep come about?

A. About a year and a half ago Lauren (Dillard), myself and Melissa from Telepathe started writing music with no intention in mind. Just a fun side project. Melissa had to start writing the second Telepathe record so she couldn’t be involved anymore. After that, Dillard and I just sort of buckled down and tackled some remixes and original works. When people started to listen, we started to get more serious about it.

h. Your first video has been nominated at the Camerimage Festival. Tell us about the video and who filmed it.

A. Well, Warren Fischer from Fischerspooner had offered to do the video for us. We were beyond excited because he’s such a visionary. We assumed he could get us very far with a very small amount of money. We didn’t actually realize how big of a production it was until we arrived on set. There were about 30 people staffed in this giant Victorian mansion in Yonkers. The video is just stunning. He took imagery we had sent him and turned it into a very ethereal cinematic masterpiece.

h. Romy from the XX is guesting on your album. How was collaborating with her and what other guests will be on the new album.

A. She is the sweetest, most humble person on the planet. It was such a joy to work with her. It was all very organic and natural, which makes for a perfect marriage in collaborating with someone. Our second single feature vocals from Nina Sky and a cameo with Nomi Ruiz. We have others that we are collaborating with as well but it’s a secret. We are very, very excited about our full-length, which should come out late 2011.

(The first single, “Days”, will be released December 20th on Young Turks Records, and Creep will be performing at the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival on December 18th.)

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